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Ephemeral : This Pain

first_imgGet off your bed rub your eyes. Make yourself a cup of coffee, grab your favourite novel, move to your favourite corner. Now sit! Take a deep breath.Exhaling the pain inhale the peace. This pain might be powerful but not more than you. The time is tough and so are you. These feelings can’t break you; you’re unbreakable. This too shall pass maybe not today not even tomorrow but it will pass. Just like the nights you thought you won’t survive the daylight but you did, just like the people without whom life seemed to be impossible, just like the days passed after the end of your favourite web series, this too shall pass.One day you’re going to look back and laugh for having doubts on your strength. You’re not even going to recall the names and causes for your heartbreak, trust me it will pass. Pain is important to grow, scars are important to remind yourself that you have survived. Welcome your pain like a pro, pamper them love them and make them your friends. Remember the days you breathed and let things go, just like that you can let it go too.No matter how much you’ve criedNo matter how many times your heart has been stabbedNo matter how many nights you spent without closing eyesNo matter how broken and depressed you feelNo matter how alone this crowded world seems to beRemember, there is nothing more powerful than a woman who can no longer cry, weep and shatter.last_img read more

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