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Angry Birds Rio launches in app stores worldwide

first_imgAngry Birds Rio has already made it’s way to the iTunes App store ($0.99 iPhone, $2.99 iPad), but Rovio has now pushed the popular gaming franchise out to both Mac ($4.99) and Android ($0.99) devices via the Mac App Store and Amazon Appstore.Android users are said to be a bit upset about the exclusive Amazon offering and the shift from the Android Market is a big loss for Google with such a big title at stake. However, they may not be too downhearted because from what we can gather the iOS version has not been as popular as the original Angry Birds title. Multiple users have written reviews claiming that the in-game advertising that reared it’s ugly head back in the older titles (the advertising kicks in when you press the pause button) has made a reappearance and the pigs that were so popular in other series are not evident.The main reason for the lack of pigs is that the game is based on the upcoming film RIO from Twentieth Century Fox, which incidentally comes out in theaters on April 15. The game was developed in conjunction with the film company and as such will feature the animated birds (Blu and Jewel) from the film. However, the premise of the game is similar in that you need to catapult your way across two episodes and 60 levels saving your bird friends and taking out monkeys along the way. There is also supposed to be plenty of new achievements and unlockable secrets for you to find.Graphically the game will be an improvement over the original, though as with Angry Birds Seasons, some of the older Android phones could potentially lag on certain levels if lots of action is going on.For non-Android and iOS users there is good news as Angry Birds Rio will be coming out shortly for Nokia Symbian^3 smartphones via the Ovi Store and for Palm WebOS devices via the Palm App Catalog on April 8.Read more at Tuawlast_img read more

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