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Party Secretary Caught in Crystal Meth Scandal

first_img AvatarChoi Song Min SHARE RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR By Choi Song Min – 2015.02.27 5:12pm Facebook Twitter Party Secretary Caught in Crystal Meth Scandal NewsEconomy US dollar and Chinese reminbi plummet against North Korean won once againcenter_img There are signs that North Korea is running into serious difficulties with its corn harvest News News North Korea Market Price Update: June 8, 2021 (Rice and USD Exchange Rate Only) News A Chosun Workers’ Party Central Committeesecretary affiliated with Musan Mine was dismissed after being caught with 1kgof “ice” [crystal methamphetamine, or “crystal meth”] and is undergoing intenseinvestigation by the State Security Department. His possession of the illicitdrugs came to light when two thieves, caught for breaking into a house shortlyafter burglarizing that of the secretary’s, revealed the information underduress during the investigation. “The Musan Mine Party secretary was hiding1kg of ‘ice,’” a source in North Hamkyung Province reported to Daily NK onFebruary 26th. “ Two burglars in their 30s discovered and then took offwith the drugs while ransacking the residence.”During an investigation by the Musan CountyMinistry of People’s Security unit, the two young men made a full confession abouttheir actions and what they found in the secretary’s home. As a result, thesecretary was dismissed from his position and has been sent to the StateSecurity Department unit in North Hamkyung Province for further interrogation. “There have been a number of high-ranking Partycadres implicated in drug trafficking recently. This practice continues toincrease because 1kg of ‘ice’ can rake in 100,000 RMB [in North Korea],” the source said. “If the kilo he had was passed on to a Chinese trader, the price would be around 300,000 RMB for the same quantity.”According to the source, the secretary’shigh-ranking status warrants a protracted investigation, and is likely toentrap not only those circulating the drugs but also those manufacturing it. “Given the fact that the secretary neithersold ice nor possessed it in large quantities, I think he would be sent to a reeducationcamp rather than a political prison camp,” he surmised. “While Kim JungEun did mandate the same penalization for drug traffickers and politicalprisoners, the former secretary will get off easier because he only had them inpossession but wasn’t caught selling them.” Kim Jong Eun initiated branches of the 1218Group, a unit tasked with rooting out drugs, under each provincial SSDunit, in December 2010 to try to curtail the drug problem; the subsequentcrackdowns carried out by the organization saw a number of high-ranking Partycadres, caught dealing drugs, summarily sent to languish in political prisoncamps.  However, the increase in possession and trafficking of drugsamong high-ranking Party cadres in recent years indicates the group is lacking in efficacy. Forexample, in early 2011, the wife of 9th Corps’ political division director wasapprehended in Chongjin Station with 2kg of “ice.” That same year, the directorof North Hamkyung Province’s SSD unit and the chief of the Chongam Districtprosecution office in Chongjin City were each caught with more than 5kg of the drug in their possession. The news has shocked residents, accordingto the source, who explained that the Party secretary was known for hisfrequent harangues equating dealing in drugs with treachery against the state.“And to think, a burglar was the one who shined light on his bald-facedlies–it’s hilarious,” he concluded.* This article was amended on February 28, 2015. It previously stated that the drug could fetch 300,000 RMB per gram in China. The price is per kilogram.last_img read more

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